Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is this portal for?

A. Anyone who enjoys reading and/or writing short stories and/or poems. 

Q. What are the charges for using this portal?

A. At the moment, the use of this portal is completely free. 

Q. What type of short stories / poems should I write on this portal?

A. Please visit Terms of use to see detailed writing guidelines

Q. Do authors earn money by using this portal?

A. At the moment, no money is promised to the authors.

Q. Does this website earn any money?

A. No, we do not make any money through the direct/indirect use of this website or its data.

Q. Why should authors write on this platform?

A. By using this portal, you can help build a community of readers and writers, share stories and poems, and give/receive feedback.

Q. What are the word limits?

A. Please visit Submit a new story/poem page to view the word limits

Q. How to earn the "Star Author" badge?

A. Authors can earn the "Star Authors" badge by meeting all of the following conditions: 1. Publish at least 10 stories/poems, 2. Last published story/poem should not be more than 60 days old (calculated based on the first submitted date), 3. Average rating across all authored stories/poems should be more than or equal to 4.0

Q. Who can read my stories / poems?

A. Any user logged into this website. 

Q. Who can see my profile?

A. Any user logged into this website. 


Q. What is the link / URL to my public profile?

A. Once logged in, when you click on your name seen at the top of any page, you are redirected to your account page. There, you have a button to access your public profile. The URL to your public profile can be shared with anyone. The visitors will need to login to view your profile.