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Life worth living

4 Nov 2020

It's 5AM and Arun is practicing for his 200m final race of the Olympics which is to be held tomorrow. He is in the top 5 athletes, after the qualifying matches. He takes a break from his practice and remembers telling his son that this is the last Olympics of his career and he has prepared for it all his life. He remembers being a champion in school and college and the time when he had to take up a full-time job to ensure financial security for him and his family. At the age of 25, he was playing in a local group when he was spotted by a professional coach who talked to him and motivated him to start preparing for Olympics. He realized that this is the decision that can make his life worthwhile and so he started practicing with the coach every morning.
Tomorrow is the day to put all his practice to test and fulfil his life's dream.
As he continues running this morning, he suddenly faints. A passer-by calls an ambulance and he wakes up in a hospital. A doctor comes in and tells him that he has an advanced stage malignant tumor and needs a surgery immediately otherwise he might die in the next 24 hours. Arun is speechless. Doctor tells him to take an hour and communicate his decision to his nurse.
Arun remembers telling his son that he was going to fulfil his life's dream and then remembers his doctor telling him that he has a 98% chance of dying if he doesn't go through the surgery and 60% chance of dying during or after the surgery. He tells himself that even if he survives the surgery and the tumor, he wouldn't be happy if he doesn't win the Olympics.
So, he leaves the hospital and shows up at the race course well in time.
He starts the race, runs with all his energy and finishes first. He raises his hands up in a winning posture as the crowd cheers him on. Moments later, he feels his ears ringing and faints again. He gets rushed to the hospital and is taken to the OR for an emergency surgery to save his life. After a few hours, he wakes up and finds his doctor at his bedside. Doctor smiles and tells him that the tumor has been taken out and he can go home in a week. But he won't be able to run again. He thinks of the race he has won earlier today, smiles, and then tears of happiness come running down his cheeks.
A few months later, he is seen in his village living with his family and working as a sports coach for the middle school students. He tells his students that to make the life worthwhile, they should have a dream and work towards it with full conviction.

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