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Stranded in a city

4 Nov 2020

It was a hot and sunny day. Three of us – my sister, mom, and I were standing beside a road in the city of Gwalior, while my father was trying to locate the address of our maternal uncle. My sister and I were perhaps about 9 and 8 years old respectively. We had arrived in the city after traveling for about 3 hours by a public bus. We were tired, thirsty, and in need of using a washroom.
Just after about 10-15 minutes of waiting, a lady came out of her bungalow and said – “I see you all standing for quite some time. Is everything alright?”. Our mom described the situation to her. What we didn’t see coming was she inviting us to her home to freshen up and to rest till our father locates the uncle’s home. Father was around, talking to people, enquiring about the address. We called him in as well. We used the washroom, had water, then father went out to continue with the search, while the three of us rested on the sofa in the lady’s drawing room. After a while, she brought some snacks and kept us engaged with casual conversations, as she oiled her daughter’s hair and complained about her two daughters’ fussy behaviors.
After some time, our father came back, having located the address and we headed to the uncle’s home after thanking the lady for her warm and kind hospitality. I still carry this story in my heart and it is the first that comes to my mind when I think of kindness of a stranger.

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