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The Traveler Moves On


Published on:

8 Nov 2020

Updated on:

14 Nov 2020

She was an unusual child, from the get go
She spoke ill of pretty things, pretty stoked by books & sword
Her source of love were slain by the might
Of the hell rider, the ruler of the coldest darkest night

Forsaken by her kingdom, for not following the way
The path that the elders laid many moons ago
She grew used to anger and sorrowful attacks
Her body grew tougher, all emotion pushed back

She travelled to far off places
With the only partner she trusted - her sword
She learned the truth of the world
Of the gods of thunder, and dark's evil abode

She fought with the titans of Scandinavian snow,
She fought with the leviathans of the Pacific coast
She grew in popularity, grew in her might
But couldn't shed the shudder of that murderous night

And then she reached a village where her stories hadn't reached
A sun-kissed orb, that kingdom of hope and dreams
A place where she learned she could be insecure
Under a violet moon, her emotions could be pure

Showered with the delicacies of the land
Bestowed with every gift they could create
But greatest of them all, was the prince of the kingdom
Under whose aegis the folks learned love and freedom

But like all good things, her delight came to an end
When the stories of her violence spread across the region
And now an insecure traveller, she couldn't fight back the mob
The prince saved her life, at the cost of her dream

The traveller moves on with her bag of fiery memories
She fought many more trolls, many more oceanic beasts
But never did she meet again a prince of mystique
The stranger who washed wounds of her wars and disappeared

She learned that her breath can be a sigh of relief too
She learned that beauty and care can conjure victory too

Her hardened limbs eased out with love of the stranger
Broke free from the memory of that night's danger

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